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Skin Care Advice

Achieving healthy skin is the culmination of many factors. Not only is it important to use the appropriate products for your skin type, but it is vital to treat your skin to a daily skin care regimen and protect skin from harmful elements. Here are some practical tips to remember when caring for your skin: 

Follow a Daily Regimen
Proper skin care should be practiced each day to maintain balance. Cleansing the skin twice each day is the foundation to the daily regimen. Cleansing will remove excess oils, make-up, and toxins allowing the pores to breathe and prevent surface build-up. The use of a toner finishes the cleansing process and provides some antiseptic protection. Follow with the use of a moisturizer to seal in the skinís natural water content and protect against the environment.

Avoid Touching Your Face
There are several important reasons to avoid touching your face as little as possible:
  • Facial skin is delicate- Care should be taken to prevent irritation to the skin. During cleansing and exfoliation use gentle caress to aid in the cleansing process. Rubbing the skin or over-cleansing can cause redness, irritation, and possibly bruising. The eye area is the most sensitive part of the face and the most important in avoiding rough touch. Damage to this area can lead to premature lines and wrinkling. Use brushes or cotton pads for applying make-up and light touch when inserting contact lenses.
  • Protection of skinís immunity- Avoid touching your face unless you have thoroughly cleaned your hands. Hands and objects you touch carry germs and bacteria which can be transferred to your face upon contact. The face can become irritated or even infected. Keeping the face a clean environment is vital to preventing acne and skin disorders.

Environmental Protection
The sun is the skinís worst enemy. Over-exposure, tanning, and especially sun-burn destroys the skinís connective tissue and ruins the skinís ability to protect itself against pollutants and disease. Sun damage can lead to skin cancer, premature aging and causes brown spots and hyper-pigmentation, wrinkles, as well as, dryness and irritation. Avoid exposure to the sun as much as possible or use a moisturizer with sun block and choose make-ups that offer sun protection. Moisturizer and make-up can also provide a protective layer against other elements such as weather and pollution.
Internal Environment
The skin reflects the inner state of the body. It acts not only as protection, but expels toxins. Good nutrition, exercise, and sleep will aid in the health of the skin. Drinking plenty of water helps prevent a build-up of toxins and serves to hydrate the skin.


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