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Dr. Eckstein AHA Biofruit Complex

A unique serum for deep, effective skin refinement from Dr. R.A. Eckstein research based on natural fruit acids.

What are AHAs?
Concentrated plant extracts from blueberries, sugar cane, maple and lemon contain valuable fruit acids or AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) such as lactic acid, glycolic acid, citric acid, malic acid and tartaric acid.

How do Dr. Eckstein AHAs work?

  • Natural fruit acids gently dissolve the compound found between the upper layers of the skin (stratum corneum) improving the skin's natural exfoliation process.
  • Allantoin promotes epithelization and supports the skin cell renewal stimulated by the AHAs.
  • Hyaluronic acid prevents the loss of the skin's moisture and improves the positive hydrating effect of the AHAs.

These ingredients refine the skin structure reducing fine lines, tightening pores and smoothing the skin texture. The serum will also improve hyperpigmentation caused by aging or blemishes. With regular use, your complexion will appear radiantly clear, youthful and harmonious.

Recommended for hyperkeratosis (build up of dead cells requiring exfoliation), xerodermia (scaly dry skin), seborrhea and tendency to impure skin (acne), and wrinkles, with diminished elasticity and firmness.  

How do I use Dr. Eckstein AHA Biofruit Complex?
After cleansing and toning your face in the morning and evening, put a few drops of the serum in your hand. With your fingertips, gently apply evenly to your face, throat and neck area. Follow with a moisturizer.

While you can use the AHA Biofruit Complex only once per day, best results will be achieved when used twice per day. Because this is an exfoliation product that will resurface your facial skin, it is recommended that you refrain from using other glycolic or exfoliation products at the same time. If you are going to have a facial treatment or peel, temporarily cease use of the serum for a few days before and after the treatment. Also, it is important that you avoid exposure to the sun when using this serum. Be sure to use a moisturizer with a sun block and use extra sun block when you will be outside for extended periods.

Size: 1.0 oz

PRICE: $73.99

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